Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Not Gonna Snow If Kids Keep Putting Their Facebook Status as: "I hope it snows," because The Sky Hates All Of You.

I've got nothing interesting to say. The following week will suck. I'll hate saturday. I won't sleep much. I won't talk much. Probably iscolate myself and stuff and be a weirdo. I'm mostly writing this blog to tell you that I'm not dead yet. Like anyone ever reads this shit anymore. Or ever did in that case. My spanish teacher is a pedophile. People are pissing me off to no fucking end. I got dutch chocolate. I hate running. I'm tired but I can't sleep. My guitar lesson was replaced with a one-hour period of interrogation of why I should be happy. It's going to make me so much more depressed. Why are people so stupid?
I'm a whytegrl.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fish Sticks

I'm sorry. I truly am. I've been blog-neglecting my blog. Just because I thought I had better things to do. Which I didn't. I just thought I did and tricked myself into thinking I did and then did stuff that wasn't any better than blogging. Then I had an epiphany and started writing this blog.
So like...yeah fishsticks are good. I really enjoy drawing all over my worksheets and's insanely entertaining. I like drawing whales in particular. What if one day we found out that fishsticks weren't actually fishsticks? That they were...whale blubber instead? Wouldn't that be weird? I bet they are. You know those directions on the frozen fish sticks automatically makes you burn your fishsticks. And yet we listen to that damn box anyway even though it happens every damn time.... know why they do it? Cause if you microwaved them for the right amount of time, you'd be able to taste the squishiness and then you'd be all like..."Holy fuck, I'm eating whale blubber!" and then get super pissed at Japanese people...for...'Reasons Unknown'. >.>
I really wish that English teachers gave us more interesting things to write essays on. Seriously. If I was a teacher, I would honestly give kids an essay to do every week. I would assign an essay on Monday, say it was due next Monday, then that same Monday, assign them their next essay, and it would be due on the following Monday and the cycle would continue until the end of the marking period. And you know what? You're probably thinking, "dude, that would fucking suck!" NO IT WOULDN'T! Cause, first of all, I wouldn't assign stupid homework about grammar cause those children never learn fucking grammar. And second of all, I wouldn't make you read weird ass books that have to do with nothing and always include rape/sexual harrassment in some way and say the "N" word 246 times. And THIRD of all, my essays would fucking rule! Like...I'd just have a random ass question and you do the rest. I would take no control of you're essay except saying "BE FUCKING CREATIVE YOU CLOSE MINDED STUPID SHELTERED LITTLE MONKEYS!!!" ^-^
Example: In a well-developed, 5 paragraph essay, describe what you would ask a sea monkey if you could talk to a sea monkey for a day. Be sure to include details and supporting reasons from your mind to develop your essay. Due Monday.
I would definetly NOT procrastinate on an essay that was about sea monkeys!!!
Okay bye.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Irish Coffee Cream

"If I were a panda and you were a panda, would you let me ride on your back??" that's my signature question. i either ask that to complete strangers or someone who i think may have an interesting response. and yes. i will definetly pre-judge you according to your answer. for instance, if you say something boring like "" then we're never going to be best friends. if you answer my question with a question about being oranges and biting other oranges, then we're getting married. we really are. i guess it's kind of like those people who like someone completely based on their handwriting. I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE SOMEWHERE!! DONT HIDE FROM ME!!! they're just mad cause i'm on to their plans.

So today! i woke up. and i wasn't tired. i felt kind of happy. i don't know why. i loved spanish class. you know why? cause all i did was sit there and daydream. and i liked how for the first time this year, i didn't fall asleep in that class. FIRST TIME! it's nice though cause i'd always get so disoritented and be like "where the fuck am i??" and my teacher would be like staring at me like "what the fuck is wrong with you??" and then i'd get a random attitude cause i can't tell apart reality and my thoughts and he'd get pissed and then i'd run away and get to gym late or something.... anyway! gym was boring and my teacher got pissed at me cause i got distracted and instead of bench pressing, i kept talking to my friend about drunk lesbians and drug dealing. fantastic conversation. then chorus was boring cause we sang a faggot song. i only like this jewish song and edelweis or however the hell you spell it. the others suck. in math, we took really really short notes and then a worksheet. i was done half an hour early. i got to sit there and daydream again. and i told this random girl sitting next to me completely random shit. she probably thinks i'm a looney. she's got the right idea. history was cool cause there was this kickass kid there who was wearing fucking purple pants! i got a D on this test. i fcking suck at history. fail at life. then at lunch i didn't have lunch. so my awesome friends fed me and one of my more awesome friends bought me a cheeseburger. <33 then in science we watched this movie about biology and the ocean and shit. our teacher is just too fucking lazy to teach. i'm on to his tricks. he looks like spock. i don't thnk he appreciates it very much when i say that. then in english we had to write a summary about chapters 9-10 in our book. yeah i only read up to 4 so far so i wrote a bunch of bullshit on it. she gave us back the papers at the end of class and i got 100%. either she didn't even fuckin read that stuff or i'm just really good at making shit up. then i went to indoor track. it rocked. period. then i came home and did my hw. I ACTUALLY DID proud of me for not procrastinating til 11:34PM to do it. yeah.... school still sucks.

This morning, i woke up happy.... and i think i might end my day happy. this hasn't happened in the longest time! holy shit if it does... i'm gonna like celebrate on thursday. i'll make myself a huge dinner with like turkey and shit. it'll be great. if i end the day sad. then i'll make it anyway to cheer myself up. people are telling me that i'm using thanksgiving as a reward for myself for doing nothing cause it's gonna be there no matter what. but they are WRONG! i could easily skip thanksgiving! so SHUT UP. i was cussing alot today. the prudey kids who hang around me for some reason didn't approve. well fuck them! and i punched this one kid cause he wouldn't leave me the fuck alone. i know he's stalking me. someone should hurt him more. like me. but i'm scared it turns him on. so someone else should do it. is it just me or are the only guys who like me weirdos?? some not-so-bad guys liked me before. yeah... well. idk. goddamn i was hyper today. and still am.
and i know why my day went like this today.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Wedding...

I'm wathing that instead of Family Guy. And man oh man, is that lady GR33K! And I put the 3's there cause if they were the other way, then that'd be the greek letter for E...but it's the wrong way but...whatever, leave me alone. Anywho, yeah, she looks really Greek! And when I first watched this movie, I couldn't decide whether the guy was okay looking or not so good looking. But he's not ugly or gorgeous. But he's not nothing either. He's slightly good looking or slightly ugly. I can't make up my mind. He has moments for each category.

Okay, I tried to resume watching it after typing that and now I'm completely lost. I give up. I'll just wait until Monster in Law comes on. I can actually follow that movie. They don't trick people into saying things in foreign languages that makes you feel like a dumbass. Now that's just not right.... I wouldn't do that to people.... Well...nah, I wouldn't....probably not.... maybe only if i was drunk. Goddamn, those people make out too much!

So today, I woke up. Then I ate like four blueberry muffins. i fucking love bluberry muffins. i have officially become too lazy to press the caps lock button anymore. don't expect to see proper capitalization in my blogs very often anymore. anywho, then i did homework and my chores. then i found my sims 2 cd, so i played that game. i made some people die, ruined some marriages, all that good stuff. then i got bored. then i watched tv. holy shit i haven't watched tv in the longest time. i don't even know what i watched cause i haven't watched it in so long. i can feel my brain getting WASHED. yeah so. then i started making this collage of hearts. so like, i collected all these candy and gum wrappers and folded them into hearts, and then i took them and glued them down in this huge collage on this paper. and one'll be complete. it looks kickass. yeah day was pretty boring though.

i am about to eat my daughter. clementine. i don't know if she's seedless or not. hopefully is. i prefer seedless. shall we find out? i think we should.

-eating clementine break on page-

they ARE seedless! man i am PROUD to name my daughter after this fruit. it's fantastic. then we can be like banana and clementine. oh the glory... i keep having mood swings. god they piss me off! carrots.


I think I only blog when Mark does.
Mark, if you want me to keep blogging daily, you're going to have to keep blogging daily aswell.
Since you're the one who inspired me to start a blog anyway.
And yes.
I indeed do need constant daily inspiration to do anything.
That's why I stopped watching tv.
Except family guy.
TV doesn't inspire me to do anything excepy die.
So I stopped watching it.
Cause I don't think I should die.
Just yet.
I started drawing again.
It might take a couple days until I get back into my drawing groove though.
I kinda suck momentarily's gonna suck less soon....hopefully....
And I have to finish that fucking paint.
And post that cool blog on here...
That I keep procrastinating.
Laurel and I are going to go snowboarding soon.
And my mom said she'll buy me new snowboarding pants.
I told her they have to be checkered.
Or else I won't accept them.
She understood.
No I don't know why I'm typing like this but if it bothers you.
You'll get over it.
I should be doing homework but I'm so goddamn lazy.
I really am.
I have a scrimmage on Tuesday.
I'm kind of wondering where it is.
And what schools will be there.
I put irish cream into my coffee this morning.
I'm never not putting irish cream into coffee again.
I tried to clean my room.
It didn't work.
Because I don't care enough.
So many people at school are requesting that I make them friendship bracelets.
But I don't want to make them friendship bracelets.
Because I don't like them and don't consider them my friends.
Apparently it wasn't PC to say that to their face.
My plan is working.
And if you don't know what that plan is, then you suck.
That is all.
Insomnia by Dark Fortress.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Have Professionals To Tell Us What's Wrong With Us

And today is the day I realized how fucked up it really is. The "intresting" blog I was going to post up today I am now procrastinating on and will post it up tomorrow instead. Unless I decide to procrastinate then too... Bascailly, EVENTUALLY, I will have something more interesting than usual posted on here in a matter of time. OKay? Okay. So anywho, we have these things called "doctors" and these other things called "parents". And they're plotting against the world. They wake people up in the morning when they've still got half an hour of sleep left to tell you that you're about to get a you're-fucking-insane-speech from some asshole in a nuetral colored room.

I should be thinking of stuff to say in Spanish class about boring people who lived a long time ago and did...stuff. I don't want to. So I'm not going to. I was so sleepy during gym class that I didn't have the energy to work out. So I sat on this chest press machine in the corner and fell asleep. The teacher actually didn't notice. It was great. In Chorus, my teacher keeps switching my part. I am so fucking confused now >.< In math, I took a test I thought I'd fail. I might not. It's a nice feeling. In History, I was happy. MARIAAA, YOU'VE GOTTA SEE HERRAAA. During lunch, I ate brownies. In science, I made fun of some guy's last name. In English, he kept kicking the bottom of my feet. And asked me to make him butter cream oranges since I ate all the brownies. Ha... Yeah... he's going to be disappointed. Since neither of us knew what the hell those are. I declared that he's trisexual.

What if there was a guy...who liked a girl....completely based on her handwriting. Like...he saw how she wrote on her worksheets and shit in class. And he was like..."That''s perfect" *falls in love* Wouldn't that be weird?!? Someone who fell in love with people cause of their handwriting?! Yeah... Then no one would fall in love with me because my handwritings neat....but not readable. Cause nobody knows how to read printursive. You probably don't even know what that means. YOU FAIL AT LIFE! I'M WASTING MY TIME FEEDING YOU MY WONDERFUL THOUGHTS! ANNA OUT!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hi. I'm going to write an actually interesting blog tomorrow. Unfortunatley, you'll have to suffer through these god awful boring ones for one more night. I wonder if Shih Tzu's know they're cute. They must be so goddamn stuck up on the inside. But I don't blame them. If I could strutt my cuteness around like they do and have people want to gimme tummy rubs and treats...I"d be stuck up too. In English, I didn't do anything except talk since I didn't have to do the work. Man...I love being absent. Anywho, so I sat in a different seat and I was bored so I talked to everyone and basically through the whole class off schedule. We didn't do anything. My teacher was annoyed but she's not the kind of teacher to do something about it. I had a good long conversation with three russians about ear/mindgasms and telling people that we were going to rape them. You should do it something. Or tell them, "I love your dog! HE JUST TAKES IT!" The expressions on the faces of those children are priceless. Or if you just want to be creepy but not a rapist, a great thing to say to someone is, "I want you inside of me" O.O That ones always a good one.... I didn't talk to anyone until after lunch. I was way too fucking pissed off. As I always am when not fed properly. But I didn't want to eat breakfast cause my parents were being dicks so I left as soon as I could. Which happened to be 10 minutes later then I usually leave. Anywhozzles. I've never gone to school without someone random coming up to me and guessing my nationality. I mean...people can say whatever the hell they want to me's getting a little old. Today I was German...

Today was my first day of indoor track. It is definetly not inside and it is definetly not as great as I thought track was suppose to be. I was stupid so I brought shorts. We ran around outside for an hour. Then it started snowing. I wanted to yell at the sky for making snowflake babies, but love is love....I don't know if that makes anysense at all....but....who...cares......
Why the fuck did it snow?! And it wasn't even real snow, it was that pertend snow that gets your hopes up but snows at the wrong time and goes away in 20 minutes after raising your hopes up really high.

OKay....Now I forgot what I was talking about...And I refuse to re-read. I never EVER re-read. It always sounds more interesting when you don't re-read. And if you repeat yourself and go full feel like a poet. I have four tests tomorrow. My goal on all of them to get 100%. Why yes, I do set goals that are practically impossible to acheive. We all know that I should be setting a goal of simply a passing grade. Not that I'm stupid. Just that my teachers refuse to accept the fact that I was absent yesterday and should get one more day to studu for a random test that was reviewed on the day of my absence. BUT! Oh well. I'll live.

Okay bye.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick Hearts

Yeah so... Yours truly is sick. How sad. When I'm sick, I can't sleep even more than I can't on a daily basis. It fucking sucks! So...last night, I went to bed at 11:30pm. I kind of laid there for half an hour. Then I got impatient and listened to my ipod. I was listening to really loud obnoxious music for about an hour. Then it was 1:17 and I still wasn't asleep. So I listened to Beethoven. Not even kidding. That helped. Then I woke up at 2:22am with this awful headache. I laid in bed until 4:44am. Then I fell back asleep and woke up when my alarm rang and I couldn't talk. So I told my mom I wasn't going to school and she was half asleep so she was like "yeahwhateverovaihdeh". Then I went back to bed and actually fell asleep. I woke up at 10am and felt like SHIT. So I laid in bed until noon. Then I went on facebook and Otto Django was on soI talked to him for a while. And got his address so I can send him a letter and shit. Fucking UK... it stole him. Anywho. So after that, I took a shower. You know when you have a fever, your skin is so goddamn sensitive, so like...anything that touches it hurts in an awkward way? shower hurt. XD Then...I kind of don't remember how anything went after that. My day was kind of a blur. Hopefully I'll be back in school by Wednesday. I'm glad we don't have practice then though, cause I know I won't want to go. So....Yeah. My day was insanely uninteresting. =( BORINGNESS!!... Peace.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


A to nigdy presta.
Hi. It's Sunday. I don't remember the last week that well. I didn't sleep much. I think last week was the week with the banquet? I don't know. I don't care. My world and my mind and my dreams that I get when I do sleep all smoosh together and a week is more like a month for me, but goes by as fast as a day. And then I can't tell the difference between what's happening and what only happened in my mind. It's tough to keep in touch with reality. It doesn't call very often. It's like a long distance relationship with someone who cheats constantly anyhow and doesn't know the meaning of "comitted" unless it has to do with sitting in a prison cell. You're not required to know what the hell I'm talking about. People have been getting either pissed at me or annoyed with me alot lately. Now I found out why. "Why don't you care about anything?" That's why. Because I can't and you have to deal with it. And I don't care if you want to deal with it or not, if you don't, then you can go fuck a goat. Whew, haven't used that line since 7th grade. Good times.... I want better grades because I want my parents to think I'm smarter than they think I am. But i don't know if I care enough to actually accomplish that little goal. I guess we'll find out. Remember that painting? Yeah. I'm still working on it. But I'm afraid to sometimes because I don't want to mess up what I've gotten so far. And I don't even have that much stuff painted on it yet. >.< My mind bothers me. I'd switch with someone else. Even with someone brainwashed. But then again... I don't know if I have the courage to stop thinking. Ever had a dream about your parents' bosses coming to your house mutated and fused with 4 other people that are a couple feet taller than them, it raining on your nice rug, people sleeping in your room, your sister laughing at you for being "sick", and your mother gagging you with a toothbrush? Yeah. I know you haven't. Tomorrow is school. Tomorrow is indoor track. I love running. But I don't want to go. I hate school, so of course I don't want to go. I want to get out of there. I hate evverything about it. My calendat's empty and yet, it feels like it's overpacked. I don't like it. I cut my hair when I have nothing else to do. And yet it grows so fast anyhow. *shrugs* I don't obey me. It can get irritating. I hope your guyses week isn't as much of a blur after it passes by as mine.
It's because I'M TRAPPED!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Delusionist

Hello there dear children. I apologize for not writing many blogs lately. I know I'm a horrible person, leave me alone! No...I do not have a valid excuse as to why I'm so lazy. Anywho, Today I realized the world wasn't going to end. Why do I have this delusion you ask? Because my mum just came back from who knows where she was over the weekend, and she bought me BRAND NEW FUCKING PAINTBRUSHES!!! Yesterday, I couldn't wait to paint, so I ended up being so desperate that I painted with Q-Tips. She really helped. Maybe there's a glimpse of hope that I'm more than a pile of flesh in a room in her house =D So people have been asking lately (No they haven't, I just want to tell people even though no one gives a shit) what it is that I paint/draw. WELL! Anything I want to! I'm in the middle of painting (now with actual paintbrushes instead of ghetto q-tips!) what a stoned person looks like to a stoned person. I'm in high hopes that it won't look like a peice of crap ^o^ I have 12 entire new brushes. Just the idea makes me have butterflies in my tummy! When I actually look at them, I cough up insects..... That can't be good..... So....My past week sucked. Then last weekend I went to a show where I met a bunch of cool people and got to see a bunch of cool people. (laurel, mark, awa, etc) The week following is a blur. It probably sucked. Doesn't matter. Then on Friday, I went to the football game cause Magruder was going against GHS so I went to the Gburg side and avoided getting my ass beat by MHS-ers. It was okay. part of the time I was giddy, and another part I was depressed. Yesterday I hung out with Laurel and Mark. They're cool. I'm always happy around them. Today, I woke up on Laurel's couch. Then I went home and took a shower. Then I drank coffee and ate a bunch of food. Food reminds me. I really want to be a vegetarian but my parents will pull my toe nails off if I even try to convince them to allow me to be one. It's sad. But the idea of eating meat is grossing me out again D= I miss when I was one and felt like just by missing a common factor in my meal, I as making SOME kind of difference. And when I was at home, and had a different dinner than my family, I felt like i was SOMEHOW protesting. It's a nice feeling. Basically, I have to avoid meat. I will likely be forced to eat it, and then gag alittle as I consume it, but when I have a choice, my choice is not supporting suffereing. Anywho. Then I did my homework. Some of it that is. I'll finish the rest eventually. Tonight, I plan on painting, making bracelets, maybe doing all that homework, watching a movie, and attempting to sleep. It's tough to sleep. Like a challenge every night... In my next painting, I intend to include unicorns in there somewhere. I'll manage. I like clouds. I think I'd have fun being an autism kid. That wasn't PC and that's exactly why I said it. I plan on doing that often now because most of the things people don't consider PC or "normal" is exactly what everyones thinking. Therefore, I think saying these things will eventually make other people say them too, since ya know....majority of the population are brainwashed or mndless zombies. If people start saying them too, I think people will start saying things they think and be more honest more often and I think it'll make people less self-concious. Self-conciousness is like a disease.
So basically.....SPEAK PEOPLE!!!! That is all.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lost Paintbrushes Amount To Broken Dreams

*sigh* The horror of the situation I am facing is indescribable. I need to paint. And how can I? With not the correct instruments... My well-being will be negatively affected not if I have a sleepless night tonight (which is more than likely) but rather if I will be able to paint a picture of a person smoking weed. So... other than going on a 3-hour long scavenger hunt for a missing paintbrush, I also returned from what was not such a fantastic sleepover. It would've been more fun if the guys didn't come and if the girls weren't more obsessed with being on facebook rather than spending time with their friends. Gayness. So on Friday, I went to a wedding. It was moderatley good, but the reception was deathly boring. I wanted to shoot people with a rifle, not a camera since they didn't do anything except sit around. People barely even talked. Jesus, what boring people.... Then later, when I got back from the wedding, I had to change in 2 minutes and 34 seconds to go straight to a cross country dinner/meeting. It kind of sucked too. Mostly cause all the girls were obsessed with this one guy who's basically an asshole anyway and were like "Ohhh, take a picture with MEHHH!" -.-' It got irritating. So I sat through it until I was finally picked up. The next day I had the county championship cross country meet. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped but I still did better than before. And my two super amazing freinds (Mark and Laurel) were there. Which made it all over ALOT betta. When I went home, I ate. Alot. I love eating. Food is good. I wish good actually rhymed with food. SO it would be like...g-uuu-d. Ya know? Yeah. It's better that way. So anyway, then I went to the sleepover that basically sucked. But what didn't suck about it is I ate about six or seven cupcakes. God, I fucking love cupcakes!!! Anyway, nothing too interesting happened after that. I came home this morning... I finished some of my homework. I still have that fucking speech to plan out. And I want to paint a picture. I can tell, tonights going to be an insomniatic night. Yes, I CAN tell ahead of time. I'll probably go to bed at 3AM. Yes...That will be my bedtime. 3AM. So I wanted to paint a picture of a girl smoking weed, but I can't find my fucking paintbrush. I'm not giving up yet though! Eh...I wonder if I can put html in here. I'm totally asking Jubert. If so, I'm definetly putting my painting on here when I'm done with it. YES!! so...I have no idea if I'm happy or not. I don't want to say I am case if I am, then I'll probably jinx it away and my dog will die or something. People annoy the fuck out of me. I constantly have wonderful fantasies about kicking people in the shins or the hamstring. It's incredibly uncomfortable to be kicked there... I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I don't know why, but I don't. But I gotsta =/ Eh...My mind confuses me. I don't know what it wants from me... Yeah so. Yay fer sleeplessness. I don't know why but it automatically puts me in a moderatleyy good mood. But I do get irritable. But that's everyone else's problem, not mine. Yeah so....yeah.
Current Unhealthy Addiction=Paint
A Shocking Interrogation by Graf Orlock

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where is Sodom and Babylon?

...Hi....That's how I start every presentation in English class. And my teachers keeps marking me down for it. "it's a presentation, not a conversation". I just giggled when she said that cause it almost sorta kinda rhymes. Yeah, I have a speech to present on Monday. I intend to start it by saying hi to everyone in an awkward manner. Just like how I started Whatever the fuck you call it. This is the first time in 3 years that I have a last period teacher who isn't pregnant. Finally! Pregnant teachers are bitchy as fuck. I'm pretty sure one of the ate a student in one of my classes....let's not get into that. It's a tragic thought. So umm...yeah I don't know if I'm suppose to bitch about stff on this or tell the world what I've been doing lately even though we all know no one gives a fuck about what anyone's doing unless they need them to be their booty call on a lonely friday night. Did I just tell you the meaning of friendship? Oops. So...voices in peoples heads.... I think I have those. Not like anyone except the janitor is telling me to burn things. I mean I always think someone is calling my name. It's pretty weird. Yeah.... "and his hair is so beautifully shiny from the grease rather than conditioner, BECAUSE IT'S MANLIER" I said that today. That's all I'll say about that subject. I like getting my seat changed in classes because the new seat I sit in always feel nice and cool if I' wearing shorts. I should start wearing shorts sometime thogh....Ya know. Since it's almost summatime, right? Wrong. I won't miss it. Sleeping gives me migranes anyway. School is my advil becuase it makes me sleep deprived. Today on the morning announcments, they showed a "thursday special" about cross country. Basically, this dude videotaped us running around. And there was this one part where we were suppose to run and jump through all these swings and shit (yeah idk...). So on the announcments, it shows me running, attempting to jmp through a swing, getting my foot caught, flipping over and falling on my face. Yep. It made my day to see myself fall. Everyone gets to see it on a daily basis, but I don't. I just get bruises. I have this nice big blue one on my knee from that swing incident.
Unhealthy Addiction to Cocoa Crispies.
Amaranth by Nightwish.