Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Wedding...

I'm wathing that instead of Family Guy. And man oh man, is that lady GR33K! And I put the 3's there cause if they were the other way, then that'd be the greek letter for E...but it's the wrong way but...whatever, leave me alone. Anywho, yeah, she looks really Greek! And when I first watched this movie, I couldn't decide whether the guy was okay looking or not so good looking. But he's not ugly or gorgeous. But he's not nothing either. He's slightly good looking or slightly ugly. I can't make up my mind. He has moments for each category.

Okay, I tried to resume watching it after typing that and now I'm completely lost. I give up. I'll just wait until Monster in Law comes on. I can actually follow that movie. They don't trick people into saying things in foreign languages that makes you feel like a dumbass. Now that's just not right.... I wouldn't do that to people.... Well...nah, I wouldn't....probably not.... maybe only if i was drunk. Goddamn, those people make out too much!

So today, I woke up. Then I ate like four blueberry muffins. i fucking love bluberry muffins. i have officially become too lazy to press the caps lock button anymore. don't expect to see proper capitalization in my blogs very often anymore. anywho, then i did homework and my chores. then i found my sims 2 cd, so i played that game. i made some people die, ruined some marriages, all that good stuff. then i got bored. then i watched tv. holy shit i haven't watched tv in the longest time. i don't even know what i watched cause i haven't watched it in so long. i can feel my brain getting WASHED. yeah so. then i started making this collage of hearts. so like, i collected all these candy and gum wrappers and folded them into hearts, and then i took them and glued them down in this huge collage on this paper. and one'll be complete. it looks kickass. yeah day was pretty boring though.

i am about to eat my daughter. clementine. i don't know if she's seedless or not. hopefully is. i prefer seedless. shall we find out? i think we should.

-eating clementine break on page-

they ARE seedless! man i am PROUD to name my daughter after this fruit. it's fantastic. then we can be like banana and clementine. oh the glory... i keep having mood swings. god they piss me off! carrots.

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