Sunday, November 23, 2008


I think I only blog when Mark does.
Mark, if you want me to keep blogging daily, you're going to have to keep blogging daily aswell.
Since you're the one who inspired me to start a blog anyway.
And yes.
I indeed do need constant daily inspiration to do anything.
That's why I stopped watching tv.
Except family guy.
TV doesn't inspire me to do anything excepy die.
So I stopped watching it.
Cause I don't think I should die.
Just yet.
I started drawing again.
It might take a couple days until I get back into my drawing groove though.
I kinda suck momentarily's gonna suck less soon....hopefully....
And I have to finish that fucking paint.
And post that cool blog on here...
That I keep procrastinating.
Laurel and I are going to go snowboarding soon.
And my mom said she'll buy me new snowboarding pants.
I told her they have to be checkered.
Or else I won't accept them.
She understood.
No I don't know why I'm typing like this but if it bothers you.
You'll get over it.
I should be doing homework but I'm so goddamn lazy.
I really am.
I have a scrimmage on Tuesday.
I'm kind of wondering where it is.
And what schools will be there.
I put irish cream into my coffee this morning.
I'm never not putting irish cream into coffee again.
I tried to clean my room.
It didn't work.
Because I don't care enough.
So many people at school are requesting that I make them friendship bracelets.
But I don't want to make them friendship bracelets.
Because I don't like them and don't consider them my friends.
Apparently it wasn't PC to say that to their face.
My plan is working.
And if you don't know what that plan is, then you suck.
That is all.
Insomnia by Dark Fortress.

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