Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hi. I'm going to write an actually interesting blog tomorrow. Unfortunatley, you'll have to suffer through these god awful boring ones for one more night. I wonder if Shih Tzu's know they're cute. They must be so goddamn stuck up on the inside. But I don't blame them. If I could strutt my cuteness around like they do and have people want to gimme tummy rubs and treats...I"d be stuck up too. In English, I didn't do anything except talk since I didn't have to do the work. Man...I love being absent. Anywho, so I sat in a different seat and I was bored so I talked to everyone and basically through the whole class off schedule. We didn't do anything. My teacher was annoyed but she's not the kind of teacher to do something about it. I had a good long conversation with three russians about ear/mindgasms and telling people that we were going to rape them. You should do it something. Or tell them, "I love your dog! HE JUST TAKES IT!" The expressions on the faces of those children are priceless. Or if you just want to be creepy but not a rapist, a great thing to say to someone is, "I want you inside of me" O.O That ones always a good one.... I didn't talk to anyone until after lunch. I was way too fucking pissed off. As I always am when not fed properly. But I didn't want to eat breakfast cause my parents were being dicks so I left as soon as I could. Which happened to be 10 minutes later then I usually leave. Anywhozzles. I've never gone to school without someone random coming up to me and guessing my nationality. I mean...people can say whatever the hell they want to me but...it's getting a little old. Today I was German...

Today was my first day of indoor track. It is definetly not inside and it is definetly not as great as I thought track was suppose to be. I was stupid so I brought shorts. We ran around outside for an hour. Then it started snowing. I wanted to yell at the sky for making snowflake babies, but love is love....I don't know if that makes anysense at all....but....who...cares......
Why the fuck did it snow?! And it wasn't even real snow, it was that pertend snow that gets your hopes up but snows at the wrong time and goes away in 20 minutes after raising your hopes up really high.

OKay....Now I forgot what I was talking about...And I refuse to re-read. I never EVER re-read. It always sounds more interesting when you don't re-read. And if you repeat yourself and go full circle...you feel like a poet. I have four tests tomorrow. My goal on all of them to get 100%. Why yes, I do set goals that are practically impossible to acheive. We all know that I should be setting a goal of simply a passing grade. Not that I'm stupid. Just that my teachers refuse to accept the fact that I was absent yesterday and should get one more day to studu for a random test that was reviewed on the day of my absence. BUT! Oh well. I'll live.

Okay bye.

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