Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Not Gonna Snow If Kids Keep Putting Their Facebook Status as: "I hope it snows," because The Sky Hates All Of You.

I've got nothing interesting to say. The following week will suck. I'll hate saturday. I won't sleep much. I won't talk much. Probably iscolate myself and stuff and be a weirdo. I'm mostly writing this blog to tell you that I'm not dead yet. Like anyone ever reads this shit anymore. Or ever did in that case. My spanish teacher is a pedophile. People are pissing me off to no fucking end. I got dutch chocolate. I hate running. I'm tired but I can't sleep. My guitar lesson was replaced with a one-hour period of interrogation of why I should be happy. It's going to make me so much more depressed. Why are people so stupid?
I'm a whytegrl.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fish Sticks

I'm sorry. I truly am. I've been blog-neglecting my blog. Just because I thought I had better things to do. Which I didn't. I just thought I did and tricked myself into thinking I did and then did stuff that wasn't any better than blogging. Then I had an epiphany and started writing this blog.
So like...yeah fishsticks are good. I really enjoy drawing all over my worksheets and's insanely entertaining. I like drawing whales in particular. What if one day we found out that fishsticks weren't actually fishsticks? That they were...whale blubber instead? Wouldn't that be weird? I bet they are. You know those directions on the frozen fish sticks automatically makes you burn your fishsticks. And yet we listen to that damn box anyway even though it happens every damn time.... know why they do it? Cause if you microwaved them for the right amount of time, you'd be able to taste the squishiness and then you'd be all like..."Holy fuck, I'm eating whale blubber!" and then get super pissed at Japanese people...for...'Reasons Unknown'. >.>
I really wish that English teachers gave us more interesting things to write essays on. Seriously. If I was a teacher, I would honestly give kids an essay to do every week. I would assign an essay on Monday, say it was due next Monday, then that same Monday, assign them their next essay, and it would be due on the following Monday and the cycle would continue until the end of the marking period. And you know what? You're probably thinking, "dude, that would fucking suck!" NO IT WOULDN'T! Cause, first of all, I wouldn't assign stupid homework about grammar cause those children never learn fucking grammar. And second of all, I wouldn't make you read weird ass books that have to do with nothing and always include rape/sexual harrassment in some way and say the "N" word 246 times. And THIRD of all, my essays would fucking rule! Like...I'd just have a random ass question and you do the rest. I would take no control of you're essay except saying "BE FUCKING CREATIVE YOU CLOSE MINDED STUPID SHELTERED LITTLE MONKEYS!!!" ^-^
Example: In a well-developed, 5 paragraph essay, describe what you would ask a sea monkey if you could talk to a sea monkey for a day. Be sure to include details and supporting reasons from your mind to develop your essay. Due Monday.
I would definetly NOT procrastinate on an essay that was about sea monkeys!!!
Okay bye.