Saturday, March 3, 2012 there I was, right? Being my insanely restless self. Eating, then musicing, then eating, then walking around, then looking out the window, then eating, then texting, then facebooking, then tweeting, then eating, so on and so forth with life wasting distractions. All the while, though, I was thinking. I was definitely thinking. So as I sat in my computer chair, catching the sight of collected dust covering my TV, I decided I needed to dust, naturally. And as I was dusting all the furniture in my room to the proverbial bone, I thought about Mark and this blog. I recollected how, a few months ago, I managed to get back into one of my old e-mails for nostalgia's sake. And this e-mail was from when I was about 10 years old... I was extremely proud of myself for finally remembering the password and such. So I decided, it was completely necessary for me, now, at this moment, in the middle of dusting while waiting for everyone to leave the house, to get back into this blog. Honestly, I thought it would take me hours. But the first e-mail and password I guessed at was right. I deserve some sort of reward.... a cookie, at least. So then, when I got in, I thought "...why exactly did I do this? No one ever read this blog..." But I figured, hey, if no one reads this blog, I can blog about absolutely anything I want without worrying about the judgement of others, right? Right. Absolutely right. So very, very YES. Then I started typing this blog about literally nothing. And I wonder.... will anyone, anyone at all, read this post after, what, 3 years? Maybe Mark. Maybe.
Currently, three of my friends are driving to my house. My parents were supposed to leave a while ago, but they haven't. I wonder how badly this will work out. I'm going to have to text them and tell them to go hang out at McDonald's or WalMart until they actually leave. I don't understand why they're still here. Then again, I don't understand most of the things they do.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay. Blogspot is annoying cause it's hard to set all the stupid font settings. But I need small bold words. It makes me blogs more powerful. So, if Norman Bates from Psycho was filthy rich and had a bunch of butler's, they'd call him Master Bates. HAHAHAHAHAHHA! I'm never going to get tired of that joke. They should put THOSE kinds of jokes on popsicle sticks that little kids will read. Those joke that they have on them piss me off. Like today, I ate a popsicle. The joke was "What has holes in it but still holds water? A sponge." Oh, yeah, that's fuckin' hilarious. Ghetto sponges. Adults suck.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well...I haven't written anything here so I decided I would. Even though I'm boring and no one reads this. Most of my 2009 blogs had to do with shin splints and indoor track. Cause I sucked at it and wasn't used to sucking. I have a list of people I'm willing to marry. I wonder if you're on it. If you run, you're more likely to be on it. I suck at school now. Weird. My parents know I'm dumb, they just won't admit it. Yeah, so. If I had alot of money, I would randomly buy shit for my friends all the time, but forget to get them birthday presents. Yeah... I hate people who are like...self centered, but trick you into thinking they're not. But they are. Fucking assholes. I miss track. I bet I'm the only one. I fucking hate firebirds. Cause it's shitty track and I want to go on distance runs. This be bullshit son. Bye.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Read between the lines.
Bite between the joints.

Friday, February 20, 2009

When the world wants to kick you out, you have to be ready, pucker up, and kiss it good bye. When your hair grows in front of your face and you say you don't have difficulty seeing, don't like to yourself and chop it off. When the window has been open for a month and then a freezing breeze finally blows through, it's time to close the window and close the door. When your bones hurt from doing something you love, you're simply facing another situation with a crush that's not mutual. When you walked slow because of this before, and run fast because of that now, your glass is out of water. When your throat is dry and there's nothing around, it means you're supposed to stop looking. When you look down and see smoke; when you listen up and hear shouts, when you breathe in and smell memories, then the clothes hanging in your closet must go. When you open your eyes as the sun comes up but everything else goes down, it not time to get up. When you walk down the street and your shoes are heavy, it's not time to go. When you linger through the halls and your completely invisible, it's not time to wander. Floating down the stairs in a daze, stepping out through the glass, if the air stings your skin, it's not time to move. Don't be frightened of that reflection, you'll be seeing it alot more soon. The scabs on your toungue make it hard to taste the sugar, but it wasn't very sweet to begin with. The scars on your face have no meaning and have no purpose but to get them all away. Washed up on the beach, you look like a monster. Before you fell from atop, though, you were a loved one. Staring from across the room, every choice you make will mark mistakes down your spine. Every step you take brings you closer to failure. Every word you utter sounds like stupidity swimming through the air. If your hands are shaking and your pours aren't dry and you swallowed a stone that is now stuck in your throat, turn away. Open your mouth and no words come out. Flex but your vocals are numb. You might as say you're pondering whilst your mind is completely blank. When fire grows inside of you and your teeth are falling loose, stare at the ceiling cause it's there to stay. Yes, the sand will burn your feet and the sun will burn your skin, but the water will freeze the rest. Starve yourself of the things you think you need. Envelope yourself in the imaginary things you want. Living with the solution. Living inside your own skull. We have found a path to your enlightment. Words are speaking truth. If it makes sense, YOU LOSE.