Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well...I haven't written anything here so I decided I would. Even though I'm boring and no one reads this. Most of my 2009 blogs had to do with shin splints and indoor track. Cause I sucked at it and wasn't used to sucking. I have a list of people I'm willing to marry. I wonder if you're on it. If you run, you're more likely to be on it. I suck at school now. Weird. My parents know I'm dumb, they just won't admit it. Yeah, so. If I had alot of money, I would randomly buy shit for my friends all the time, but forget to get them birthday presents. Yeah... I hate people who are like...self centered, but trick you into thinking they're not. But they are. Fucking assholes. I miss track. I bet I'm the only one. I fucking hate firebirds. Cause it's shitty track and I want to go on distance runs. This be bullshit son. Bye.

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