Saturday, March 3, 2012 there I was, right? Being my insanely restless self. Eating, then musicing, then eating, then walking around, then looking out the window, then eating, then texting, then facebooking, then tweeting, then eating, so on and so forth with life wasting distractions. All the while, though, I was thinking. I was definitely thinking. So as I sat in my computer chair, catching the sight of collected dust covering my TV, I decided I needed to dust, naturally. And as I was dusting all the furniture in my room to the proverbial bone, I thought about Mark and this blog. I recollected how, a few months ago, I managed to get back into one of my old e-mails for nostalgia's sake. And this e-mail was from when I was about 10 years old... I was extremely proud of myself for finally remembering the password and such. So I decided, it was completely necessary for me, now, at this moment, in the middle of dusting while waiting for everyone to leave the house, to get back into this blog. Honestly, I thought it would take me hours. But the first e-mail and password I guessed at was right. I deserve some sort of reward.... a cookie, at least. So then, when I got in, I thought "...why exactly did I do this? No one ever read this blog..." But I figured, hey, if no one reads this blog, I can blog about absolutely anything I want without worrying about the judgement of others, right? Right. Absolutely right. So very, very YES. Then I started typing this blog about literally nothing. And I wonder.... will anyone, anyone at all, read this post after, what, 3 years? Maybe Mark. Maybe.
Currently, three of my friends are driving to my house. My parents were supposed to leave a while ago, but they haven't. I wonder how badly this will work out. I'm going to have to text them and tell them to go hang out at McDonald's or WalMart until they actually leave. I don't understand why they're still here. Then again, I don't understand most of the things they do.