Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lost Paintbrushes Amount To Broken Dreams

*sigh* The horror of the situation I am facing is indescribable. I need to paint. And how can I? With not the correct instruments... My well-being will be negatively affected not if I have a sleepless night tonight (which is more than likely) but rather if I will be able to paint a picture of a person smoking weed. So... other than going on a 3-hour long scavenger hunt for a missing paintbrush, I also returned from what was not such a fantastic sleepover. It would've been more fun if the guys didn't come and if the girls weren't more obsessed with being on facebook rather than spending time with their friends. Gayness. So on Friday, I went to a wedding. It was moderatley good, but the reception was deathly boring. I wanted to shoot people with a rifle, not a camera since they didn't do anything except sit around. People barely even talked. Jesus, what boring people.... Then later, when I got back from the wedding, I had to change in 2 minutes and 34 seconds to go straight to a cross country dinner/meeting. It kind of sucked too. Mostly cause all the girls were obsessed with this one guy who's basically an asshole anyway and were like "Ohhh, take a picture with MEHHH!" -.-' It got irritating. So I sat through it until I was finally picked up. The next day I had the county championship cross country meet. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped but I still did better than before. And my two super amazing freinds (Mark and Laurel) were there. Which made it all over ALOT betta. When I went home, I ate. Alot. I love eating. Food is good. I wish good actually rhymed with food. SO it would be like...g-uuu-d. Ya know? Yeah. It's better that way. So anyway, then I went to the sleepover that basically sucked. But what didn't suck about it is I ate about six or seven cupcakes. God, I fucking love cupcakes!!! Anyway, nothing too interesting happened after that. I came home this morning... I finished some of my homework. I still have that fucking speech to plan out. And I want to paint a picture. I can tell, tonights going to be an insomniatic night. Yes, I CAN tell ahead of time. I'll probably go to bed at 3AM. Yes...That will be my bedtime. 3AM. So I wanted to paint a picture of a girl smoking weed, but I can't find my fucking paintbrush. I'm not giving up yet though! Eh...I wonder if I can put html in here. I'm totally asking Jubert. If so, I'm definetly putting my painting on here when I'm done with it. YES!! so...I have no idea if I'm happy or not. I don't want to say I am case if I am, then I'll probably jinx it away and my dog will die or something. People annoy the fuck out of me. I constantly have wonderful fantasies about kicking people in the shins or the hamstring. It's incredibly uncomfortable to be kicked there... I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I don't know why, but I don't. But I gotsta =/ Eh...My mind confuses me. I don't know what it wants from me... Yeah so. Yay fer sleeplessness. I don't know why but it automatically puts me in a moderatleyy good mood. But I do get irritable. But that's everyone else's problem, not mine. Yeah so....yeah.
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A Shocking Interrogation by Graf Orlock

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where is Sodom and Babylon?

...Hi....That's how I start every presentation in English class. And my teachers keeps marking me down for it. "it's a presentation, not a conversation". I just giggled when she said that cause it almost sorta kinda rhymes. Yeah, I have a speech to present on Monday. I intend to start it by saying hi to everyone in an awkward manner. Just like how I started Whatever the fuck you call it. This is the first time in 3 years that I have a last period teacher who isn't pregnant. Finally! Pregnant teachers are bitchy as fuck. I'm pretty sure one of the ate a student in one of my classes....let's not get into that. It's a tragic thought. So umm...yeah I don't know if I'm suppose to bitch about stff on this or tell the world what I've been doing lately even though we all know no one gives a fuck about what anyone's doing unless they need them to be their booty call on a lonely friday night. Did I just tell you the meaning of friendship? Oops. So...voices in peoples heads.... I think I have those. Not like anyone except the janitor is telling me to burn things. I mean I always think someone is calling my name. It's pretty weird. Yeah.... "and his hair is so beautifully shiny from the grease rather than conditioner, BECAUSE IT'S MANLIER" I said that today. That's all I'll say about that subject. I like getting my seat changed in classes because the new seat I sit in always feel nice and cool if I' wearing shorts. I should start wearing shorts sometime thogh....Ya know. Since it's almost summatime, right? Wrong. I won't miss it. Sleeping gives me migranes anyway. School is my advil becuase it makes me sleep deprived. Today on the morning announcments, they showed a "thursday special" about cross country. Basically, this dude videotaped us running around. And there was this one part where we were suppose to run and jump through all these swings and shit (yeah idk...). So on the announcments, it shows me running, attempting to jmp through a swing, getting my foot caught, flipping over and falling on my face. Yep. It made my day to see myself fall. Everyone gets to see it on a daily basis, but I don't. I just get bruises. I have this nice big blue one on my knee from that swing incident.
Unhealthy Addiction to Cocoa Crispies.
Amaranth by Nightwish.