Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The ink on my skin leaked into my pours. Now there's ink running through my veins along with my blood. I guess I'm poisoned now.
Mermaids are very vain creatures. If they think your boobs are too small, it's only because all that was supposed to be brains in their head turned into fat for their tits.
There's only a snowday because they feel bad for us. The roads are not that icy. And if I'm wrong, and they're being serious, then we're slowly becoming into bigger lazy cowards then we originally were.
I like running 2 miles in 16 fast paced laps and I like sprinting 4 laps even though I didn't know that was possible. My throat hurts but it's worth it.
No, everyone does not change. But you may think that after you change. Because when you change, your perception of the world and those people around you change. So there could be someone there that you think has changed, but in reality, you changed and they stayed the same, and that caused you to believe they were also different because you see them in a different way in your different eyes.
I don't think anyone knows how to love another person until they have a pet cat or dog that they love and it dies. THEN, you can feel true love for another human being.
Don't be like me. Don't cut your hair.
People piss me off more than you can imagine, but I've learned to stop letting it show so much.
I don't anticipate anything momentarily.