Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay. Blogspot is annoying cause it's hard to set all the stupid font settings. But I need small bold words. It makes me blogs more powerful. So, if Norman Bates from Psycho was filthy rich and had a bunch of butler's, they'd call him Master Bates. HAHAHAHAHAHHA! I'm never going to get tired of that joke. They should put THOSE kinds of jokes on popsicle sticks that little kids will read. Those joke that they have on them piss me off. Like today, I ate a popsicle. The joke was "What has holes in it but still holds water? A sponge." Oh, yeah, that's fuckin' hilarious. Ghetto sponges. Adults suck.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well...I haven't written anything here so I decided I would. Even though I'm boring and no one reads this. Most of my 2009 blogs had to do with shin splints and indoor track. Cause I sucked at it and wasn't used to sucking. I have a list of people I'm willing to marry. I wonder if you're on it. If you run, you're more likely to be on it. I suck at school now. Weird. My parents know I'm dumb, they just won't admit it. Yeah, so. If I had alot of money, I would randomly buy shit for my friends all the time, but forget to get them birthday presents. Yeah... I hate people who are like...self centered, but trick you into thinking they're not. But they are. Fucking assholes. I miss track. I bet I'm the only one. I fucking hate firebirds. Cause it's shitty track and I want to go on distance runs. This be bullshit son. Bye.