Monday, November 24, 2008

Irish Coffee Cream

"If I were a panda and you were a panda, would you let me ride on your back??" that's my signature question. i either ask that to complete strangers or someone who i think may have an interesting response. and yes. i will definetly pre-judge you according to your answer. for instance, if you say something boring like "" then we're never going to be best friends. if you answer my question with a question about being oranges and biting other oranges, then we're getting married. we really are. i guess it's kind of like those people who like someone completely based on their handwriting. I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE SOMEWHERE!! DONT HIDE FROM ME!!! they're just mad cause i'm on to their plans.

So today! i woke up. and i wasn't tired. i felt kind of happy. i don't know why. i loved spanish class. you know why? cause all i did was sit there and daydream. and i liked how for the first time this year, i didn't fall asleep in that class. FIRST TIME! it's nice though cause i'd always get so disoritented and be like "where the fuck am i??" and my teacher would be like staring at me like "what the fuck is wrong with you??" and then i'd get a random attitude cause i can't tell apart reality and my thoughts and he'd get pissed and then i'd run away and get to gym late or something.... anyway! gym was boring and my teacher got pissed at me cause i got distracted and instead of bench pressing, i kept talking to my friend about drunk lesbians and drug dealing. fantastic conversation. then chorus was boring cause we sang a faggot song. i only like this jewish song and edelweis or however the hell you spell it. the others suck. in math, we took really really short notes and then a worksheet. i was done half an hour early. i got to sit there and daydream again. and i told this random girl sitting next to me completely random shit. she probably thinks i'm a looney. she's got the right idea. history was cool cause there was this kickass kid there who was wearing fucking purple pants! i got a D on this test. i fcking suck at history. fail at life. then at lunch i didn't have lunch. so my awesome friends fed me and one of my more awesome friends bought me a cheeseburger. <33 then in science we watched this movie about biology and the ocean and shit. our teacher is just too fucking lazy to teach. i'm on to his tricks. he looks like spock. i don't thnk he appreciates it very much when i say that. then in english we had to write a summary about chapters 9-10 in our book. yeah i only read up to 4 so far so i wrote a bunch of bullshit on it. she gave us back the papers at the end of class and i got 100%. either she didn't even fuckin read that stuff or i'm just really good at making shit up. then i went to indoor track. it rocked. period. then i came home and did my hw. I ACTUALLY DID proud of me for not procrastinating til 11:34PM to do it. yeah.... school still sucks.

This morning, i woke up happy.... and i think i might end my day happy. this hasn't happened in the longest time! holy shit if it does... i'm gonna like celebrate on thursday. i'll make myself a huge dinner with like turkey and shit. it'll be great. if i end the day sad. then i'll make it anyway to cheer myself up. people are telling me that i'm using thanksgiving as a reward for myself for doing nothing cause it's gonna be there no matter what. but they are WRONG! i could easily skip thanksgiving! so SHUT UP. i was cussing alot today. the prudey kids who hang around me for some reason didn't approve. well fuck them! and i punched this one kid cause he wouldn't leave me the fuck alone. i know he's stalking me. someone should hurt him more. like me. but i'm scared it turns him on. so someone else should do it. is it just me or are the only guys who like me weirdos?? some not-so-bad guys liked me before. yeah... well. idk. goddamn i was hyper today. and still am.
and i know why my day went like this today.


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