Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick Hearts

Yeah so... Yours truly is sick. How sad. When I'm sick, I can't sleep even more than I can't on a daily basis. It fucking sucks! So...last night, I went to bed at 11:30pm. I kind of laid there for half an hour. Then I got impatient and listened to my ipod. I was listening to really loud obnoxious music for about an hour. Then it was 1:17 and I still wasn't asleep. So I listened to Beethoven. Not even kidding. That helped. Then I woke up at 2:22am with this awful headache. I laid in bed until 4:44am. Then I fell back asleep and woke up when my alarm rang and I couldn't talk. So I told my mom I wasn't going to school and she was half asleep so she was like "yeahwhateverovaihdeh". Then I went back to bed and actually fell asleep. I woke up at 10am and felt like SHIT. So I laid in bed until noon. Then I went on facebook and Otto Django was on soI talked to him for a while. And got his address so I can send him a letter and shit. Fucking UK... it stole him. Anywho. So after that, I took a shower. You know when you have a fever, your skin is so goddamn sensitive, so like...anything that touches it hurts in an awkward way? shower hurt. XD Then...I kind of don't remember how anything went after that. My day was kind of a blur. Hopefully I'll be back in school by Wednesday. I'm glad we don't have practice then though, cause I know I won't want to go. So....Yeah. My day was insanely uninteresting. =( BORINGNESS!!... Peace.

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