Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Have Professionals To Tell Us What's Wrong With Us

And today is the day I realized how fucked up it really is. The "intresting" blog I was going to post up today I am now procrastinating on and will post it up tomorrow instead. Unless I decide to procrastinate then too... Bascailly, EVENTUALLY, I will have something more interesting than usual posted on here in a matter of time. OKay? Okay. So anywho, we have these things called "doctors" and these other things called "parents". And they're plotting against the world. They wake people up in the morning when they've still got half an hour of sleep left to tell you that you're about to get a you're-fucking-insane-speech from some asshole in a nuetral colored room.

I should be thinking of stuff to say in Spanish class about boring people who lived a long time ago and did...stuff. I don't want to. So I'm not going to. I was so sleepy during gym class that I didn't have the energy to work out. So I sat on this chest press machine in the corner and fell asleep. The teacher actually didn't notice. It was great. In Chorus, my teacher keeps switching my part. I am so fucking confused now >.< In math, I took a test I thought I'd fail. I might not. It's a nice feeling. In History, I was happy. MARIAAA, YOU'VE GOTTA SEE HERRAAA. During lunch, I ate brownies. In science, I made fun of some guy's last name. In English, he kept kicking the bottom of my feet. And asked me to make him butter cream oranges since I ate all the brownies. Ha... Yeah... he's going to be disappointed. Since neither of us knew what the hell those are. I declared that he's trisexual.

What if there was a guy...who liked a girl....completely based on her handwriting. Like...he saw how she wrote on her worksheets and shit in class. And he was like..."That''s perfect" *falls in love* Wouldn't that be weird?!? Someone who fell in love with people cause of their handwriting?! Yeah... Then no one would fall in love with me because my handwritings neat....but not readable. Cause nobody knows how to read printursive. You probably don't even know what that means. YOU FAIL AT LIFE! I'M WASTING MY TIME FEEDING YOU MY WONDERFUL THOUGHTS! ANNA OUT!

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