Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Delusionist

Hello there dear children. I apologize for not writing many blogs lately. I know I'm a horrible person, leave me alone! No...I do not have a valid excuse as to why I'm so lazy. Anywho, Today I realized the world wasn't going to end. Why do I have this delusion you ask? Because my mum just came back from who knows where she was over the weekend, and she bought me BRAND NEW FUCKING PAINTBRUSHES!!! Yesterday, I couldn't wait to paint, so I ended up being so desperate that I painted with Q-Tips. She really helped. Maybe there's a glimpse of hope that I'm more than a pile of flesh in a room in her house =D So people have been asking lately (No they haven't, I just want to tell people even though no one gives a shit) what it is that I paint/draw. WELL! Anything I want to! I'm in the middle of painting (now with actual paintbrushes instead of ghetto q-tips!) what a stoned person looks like to a stoned person. I'm in high hopes that it won't look like a peice of crap ^o^ I have 12 entire new brushes. Just the idea makes me have butterflies in my tummy! When I actually look at them, I cough up insects..... That can't be good..... So....My past week sucked. Then last weekend I went to a show where I met a bunch of cool people and got to see a bunch of cool people. (laurel, mark, awa, etc) The week following is a blur. It probably sucked. Doesn't matter. Then on Friday, I went to the football game cause Magruder was going against GHS so I went to the Gburg side and avoided getting my ass beat by MHS-ers. It was okay. part of the time I was giddy, and another part I was depressed. Yesterday I hung out with Laurel and Mark. They're cool. I'm always happy around them. Today, I woke up on Laurel's couch. Then I went home and took a shower. Then I drank coffee and ate a bunch of food. Food reminds me. I really want to be a vegetarian but my parents will pull my toe nails off if I even try to convince them to allow me to be one. It's sad. But the idea of eating meat is grossing me out again D= I miss when I was one and felt like just by missing a common factor in my meal, I as making SOME kind of difference. And when I was at home, and had a different dinner than my family, I felt like i was SOMEHOW protesting. It's a nice feeling. Basically, I have to avoid meat. I will likely be forced to eat it, and then gag alittle as I consume it, but when I have a choice, my choice is not supporting suffereing. Anywho. Then I did my homework. Some of it that is. I'll finish the rest eventually. Tonight, I plan on painting, making bracelets, maybe doing all that homework, watching a movie, and attempting to sleep. It's tough to sleep. Like a challenge every night... In my next painting, I intend to include unicorns in there somewhere. I'll manage. I like clouds. I think I'd have fun being an autism kid. That wasn't PC and that's exactly why I said it. I plan on doing that often now because most of the things people don't consider PC or "normal" is exactly what everyones thinking. Therefore, I think saying these things will eventually make other people say them too, since ya know....majority of the population are brainwashed or mndless zombies. If people start saying them too, I think people will start saying things they think and be more honest more often and I think it'll make people less self-concious. Self-conciousness is like a disease.
So basically.....SPEAK PEOPLE!!!! That is all.


brian jenkins said...
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brian jenkins said...

tell your parents ill fight them, go veg.